Are Cheap Air Filters Really OK?

Cheap fiberglass air filters are designed to prevent dust, dirt, and hair from accumulating in the HVAC system. While they do little to filter out allergens and other irritants, using them keeps your system clean and efficient. But is it really a good idea to go for the cheapest option?It all depends on your unit, your home and the filter itself. If you have questions about your air filter or other HVAC related questions, don't hesitate to contact a specialist.

At E Dennis Air Conditioning & Heating, we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and service the entire Northwest Atlanta metropolitan area. Get in touch with one of our experts today. For example, hospitals use filters with a rating of 16, but that's not necessary for your home environment, and using a filter with such a high rating will increase your energy costs. You'll see many different types of air filters and two that include additives that have become more common are activated carbon and baking soda. Household HVAC air filters are rated based on their MERV rating, with most household filters between 1 and 13 (more than 13 are for HEPA filters).

That said, there is also the opposite argument that pleating creates a larger surface area that actually creates more space for air to pass through to counteract better filtering. While these high MERV filters are great for filtering debris and cleaning the air in your home, they reduce the air pressure in your duct system. MPR stands for Microparticle Performance Rating and is a system for determining how small particles can be filtered with a particular air filter. A little over 10 years ago, manufacturers began placing more folds (or pleats) in air filters and increased their surface area. When most people say electronic air filter, they usually talk about an air purifier or an electrostatic air filter. The real job of the air cleaner is to keep the HVAC system itself clean to prevent dust and debris from accumulating inside the unit.

If you can find a reusable filter that captures the types of contaminants you need to filter for your family, then you could pay more money upfront, but ultimately save money. A clogged air filter can also wear down the unit because it reduces the flow of air circulating through it, which places more stress on the system, as you have to work harder to push air through the dirty filter. It turns out that both ovens and air conditioning units use the same filters and perform the same functions. Let's take a look at the different aspects of air filters to better understand how things work. Oven filters not only prevent the system from clogging up with dust and dirt, but they also clean the air in your home.

Air filters are also important for people who live in a highly polluted area because the filter can filter out harmful contaminants from the air. So when it comes to buying an air filter, it's important to consider all factors before making a decision. Don't let buying your next air filter become a stressful situation. Just remember that cheaper may be better, but it may not be better for you.