Who Makes Fram Filters Now? A Comprehensive Guide

Trico Group has recently acquired Fram Group, which includes the Fram filters and Autolite spark plug brands. The filters are now manufactured in Trico's facilities located in Michigan, Kentucky, and Ohio. Trico has also opened a wiper manufacturing plant in China to reduce costs, which may lead to outsourcing of oil filter manufacturing for Fram. FRAM is an American automotive spare parts brand that offers oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and other similar products.

Automotive oil filters had been on the market for almost 10 years, but were difficult to install, change, and clean. After Baldwin purchased Hastings Premium Filters, most of their oil filters are now made in the United States. Walmart used to partner with Wix, but now produces its own line of oil filters through Champion Laboratories. FRAM has also introduced new elements such as air filters for carburettors, crankcase fans, gasoline filters, and water filters for cars, trucks, and buses.

Supertech oil filters are 100% made in the USA with Champion Labs' manufacturing facilities in South Carolina and Illinois. Motorcraft, headquartered in Dearborn, MI and an official parts supplier to Ford Motor Co., partners with Purolater to manufacture its oil filters. The Extra Guard filter uses a combination of cellulose and glass media to increase vehicle protection on the road. STP, based in Boca Raton, FL, partners with Champion Laboratories to manufacture its oil filters.

With all the Fram technology, this filter fits those who travel and drive every day and use conventional or synthetic oil. FRAM has also launched two more oil filter products designed to meet the unique needs of 21st century motorists. The Racing oil filter has a large gauge thread plate and an extra-thick steel can withstand extreme driving activity. The spiral center tube resists collapse and the sturdy steel caps make the filter more durable.

Edward Aldham invented an easily replaceable oil filter element in his laboratory in Providence, Rhode Island back in 1932. Since then, Fram has been manufacturing oil filters for cars and is a name that the American public recognizes and continues to support. The Fram Ultra Synthetic filter offers improved protection for older vehicles that use synthetic oil when running. The titanium oil filter offers extended protection for high-flow synthetic oil up to 20,000 miles. The Force filter is designed for drivers who test the limits of their car and its transport capabilities, stop-and-go driving, and extreme weather conditions.