How Much of a Discount Does AARP Offer?

The average savings for AARP members are up to 61%. With the code AARP2, members can save 20% on annuity quotes and get a free retirement income check. AARP members can also connect with other members in their community and help a child learn to read. Plus, they can compare costs and types of services in their area.

AARP is a committed advocate on important issues and offers fast and free delivery with AT&T Right To YouSM. When it comes to car rentals, AARP members can get up to 30% off from companies such as Avis, Budget, and Payless. They can also get free upgrades to select vehicles, discounted GPS rates, and an additional driver at no cost. Depending on their insurance, they may qualify for a discount after completing the course.

Plus, they get a discounted rate on the course itself. AARP membership also offers discounts on travel arrangements, select restaurants, groceries, gas, and car services. However, many of these same discounts are available to all older adults, whether they are an AARP member or not.