Who Owns FilterBuy? An Expert's Perspective

David Heacock is the founder and CEO of FilterBuy, an American manufacturer of high-quality HVAC air filters, oven filters, and custom industrial filters. These products are sold directly to businesses and consumers through subscriptions or cash. Customers have been highly satisfied with the customer service they have received from FilterBuy. For example, when one customer purchased the wrong size filter, the company did everything they could to get them the right ones.

This customer was so pleased with their experience that they plan to be a customer for years to come. FilterBuy is known for their excellent customer service, fast and efficient delivery, and top-notch quality filters. They even have filter sizes for oven units that can't be found anywhere else. Prices are comparable to what you would pay for the same filter in store, and free shipping is available at your own custom interval.

This makes FilterBuy an unbeatable option for any homeowner. In order to meet the growing demand for their products, FilterBuy recently leased and renovated a 137,000 square foot building that was formerly owned by Alcoa Corp. This building serves as FilterBuy's Northeast nerve center and has the capacity to produce 30,000 air filtration products per day.